MT7: Killing Merethrond Spy (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Find and kill a spy in the citadel of Minas Tirith.

  • 700 gold.

  • From Inside Minas Tirith gates.

    do 5s,2sw,gate,4ne,7n,4nw,gate,2se,4s,2sw,gate,ne,4n,nw,gate,se,2s,sw,gate,nw,ne,n,gate,w,2nw

  • Locate the spy inside Merethrond, kill him and bring his head to Darran.

  • First, you will need to complete Getting the key for Merethrond then do the following.

    do unlock west door,2w,sw,4w,n,u

    If A nervous little man is already there, then you can skip the next part and skip to simply killing the spy.

    crawl into crate

    Now you need to wait, eventually you will see Someone says: So, will you AID me or attempt to DEFEAT me, adventurer?.


    You will now leave the box and enter combat with A nervous little man. Once he is dead you will chop his head off Your final blow knocks off the spy's head!.

    do get head,d,s,4e,ne,2e,se,sw,w

    Now, complete Getting inside the White Tower.

    do w,s,arch,3u,s,sw,2nw,2u,2se,w,give head to darran

    He will give you your reward.

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