Gundabad: Dwarven Leggings (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Locate a hidden storage room in Gundabad.

  • A pair of steel dwarven leggings.

  • After Getting inside Gundabad do the following.

    do fissure,nw,d,n,nw

  • Locate the hidden entrance in the huge cavern then find a way past the spider and the web.

  • do get torch,n,w,s,get rags,wrap rags around torch,n,2e,search packages,get key,n,search under table,unlock chest with small plain key,drop key,open chest,get bottle from chest,open bottle,pour oil onto torch,drop bottle,s,w,push axe,light torch,burn web

    Now kill the spider. Once the spider is dead.

    do n,get leggings

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