Pelargir: Charity's Potion (tracked)

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    Obtain a potion from a woman in Pelargir.

  • A clear glass vial.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do gate,2sw,4w,2s,se,e,se,e,4e,2s,w

  • First obtain the amulet of immortality. Then find a woman in Pelagir who requires the amulet to cure her husband. Follow her instructions to locate her sister Charity and let her know what you have done. After that you will have to locate Charity's husband and find out what has befallen him. Once you have done that let Charity know what has happened.

  • A clear glass vial is a healing draught containing 2 doses. Once you drink the potion you will see A feeling of inner fortitude comes over you. and the potion will take effect. After this if you are below maximum health then it you will be healed for 3 health and endurance every 60 seconds (You burp up some of the potion as you feel it begin to heal you.). If you are at maximum health you will merely see You burp up some of the potion. and it will not heal you at all. The potion will last roughly 30 minutes and you will see The nasty taste in your mouth disappears as the potion's power leaves you. when it has finished.

  • First complete Getting the amulet of immortality then return to the quest start.

    give amulet to frazzled woman

    A frazzled woman will thank you and give you A small note and tell you to take it to her sister Charity (Claire says in Westron: If you take this note to Charity, she should reward you. Claire gives you a small note.). Her sister can be in a number of rooms.

    do trigger tattooed woman todo give note to woman,e,6s,8n,trigger off

    On the way you will pass A tattooed woman who will thank you and offer to sell you one of her potions for 100 gold. She will also ask that if you come across her husband you tell her she is waiting (Charity whispers some words to you, in a language you don't recognize; however, they are easy to remember so you nod knowingly and promise her to repeat them to her husband when you see him.).

    do trigger wounded soldier todo ask soldier about charity,5s,7e,trigger off

    On this route you will pass A wounded soldier and will ask him about Charity. He will give you A brass wedding ring and then die (Clarence gives you a brass wedding ring. Clarence releases his final breath as death takes him..

    do trigger tattooed woman todo give brass wedding ring to charity,7w,2s,8n,trigger off

    On this route you will pass Charity again and give her the wedding ring. She will give you your reward and quest point in exchange.

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