Umbar: Royal Plate Armour (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Explore a hidden corsair campsite.

  • A gleaming set of royal plate.

  • From Umbar signpost.

    do e,8s,39w

  • Find a way into the pass, become captured by the corsairs. Escape from your prison and find a way to win favour with the leader.

  • After you have escaped from your jail, you can open the chest and get A glittering blue pearl which can be sold to the Gem Dealer in Minas Tirith for 800 gold (A tall man is here, relaxing part of MT6: Opals for Gem Dealer). Do the following (requires light and high coordination).

    do w,pluck key from pocket,e,unlock chest with solid iron key,drop solid iron key,open chest,get pearl from chest

    If you are beaten by the An ill-witted deckhand then you will not die, however your weapon will be taken from you and you will be knocked out and thrown out of the camp in disgrace.

    The camp is only open during the night time.

  • Once you enter this quest you cannot leave until you finish.

    2hike pass

    You will now be knocked unconcious and thrown in a makeshift cell.

    do jerk chain,dig through sand

    If you need to heal, do so now.

    search boats

    You will now be attacked by A black mastiff. If you are losing the fight and need to leave you can quit the game in order to log back on at the start of the quest with 0 health and endurance. Once it is dead, you should heal up (You can use A barrel of Corsair whiskey for some free alcoholic healing).

    do get rag,e,fight corsairs,accept challenge

    You now have to kill An ill-witted deckhand in a one on one fight.

    kill deckhand

    Once the deckhand is dead.

    do get string from corpse,give string to captain,request reward,get plate

    You now need to have both the A rust covered plate suit and An oily rag in your hands.

    polish plate

    Once you want to leave.

    part flaps

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