Gundabad: Gold and Ruby Ring (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Recover a lost ring from some orcs.

  • A golden ring with a red ruby attached.

  • After Getting inside Gundabad do the following.

    do nw,fissure,nw,d,n,nw,n,w,2s,w

  • Explore the bedroom and find a secret exit, enter the secret combination to find another secret exit. Kill the orc guarding the exit to get the prize.

  • You can find A small bottle of strong whiskey, from the room where you are backstabbed.

    do w,search dust

    The A golden ring with a red ruby attached can heal you, whilst wearing the ring.

    chant runes on ring

  • You are going to be backstabbed when you do the next command, there seems to be no way to avoid this.


    You will now be backstabbed, and the orc who did not backstab you will lock the door. Once A slender looking orc is dead.

    kill orc

    Once A small filthy orc is dead, you are ready to continue. If you need to heal you can unlock the door with An iron key from the corpse of A small filthy orc.

    do move bed,dislodge rocks,crawl into passage

    You can find a scroll in this room which tells you the combination in Khuzdul.

    do search walls,get scroll

    This will give you A piece of a dwarven scroll, however as the combination does not change this is not required.

    To enter the right combination.

    do position red rock into hole 1,position blue rock into hole 2,position yellow rock into hole 3,position green rock into hole 4,tunnel

    You will be attacked by A huge orc stands here, muttering things to himself.. Once he is dead.

    do get ring from corpse,get key from corpse

    This will give you your reward and A rusted key.]

    do unlock north door with rusted key,n,get broom

    This will give you An old broom.

    do sweep floor,drop broom,pull wire

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