Dell's Farm: Saving the Calf

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Recommended Level
Maximum Level
  • Description

    Help the nervous doctor deliver a calf.

  • A potion.

  • From Belegost signpost.

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  • Find Dudley the Doctor and help him to deliver the calf.

  • A potion contains one dose and will heal you for 50 HP and EP when drunk.

    This quest can only be completed once per reboot per player, if you try again you will see You've helped enough, I shan't bother you further..

  • First you will need to find A nervous animal doctor who should be with A frightened cow and A wooden bucket. He will be somewhere in this area in An open field. When you have found him.

    ask doctor about help

    Dudley will say Dudley says: Yes, please I need some help. The calf is coming out in the breech position and there isn't much time. Please take the bucket, go to the springs and get me some water. And, go quickly! The springs are a little ways to the east; just fill the bucket with water and hurry back with it!.

    get bucket

    Now you need to head directly east until you find A rocky area surrounding a hot spring (Remember how far you went so you can get back).

    draw water from spring

    If you did everything correctly you will see You draw some warm spring water into the bucket..

    Now you need to head back to where you came from. As soon as you enter the room with the full bucket Dudley will take it from you and then deliver the calf and give you your reward.

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