Dell's Farm: Flowers for Alita

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  • Description

    Gather flowers for a farmer to give to his wife.

  • 25 gold.

  • From Belegost signpost.

    do se,10e,3s,2e,s,7e,s,se,e,4se,farm

  • Find Dell the Farmer and ask him if he needs help. Then find the island and collect flowers for his wife.

  • First you will need to find A handsome farmer (his name is Dell). He will be somewhere in this area in A corn field. When you have found him.

    ask dell about help

    He will then give you one of two quests. If he says Dell says: If you want to help me, buckaroo, go fetch me some flowers from the island for my sweet wife, Alita. then you can complete this quest. If he says Dell says: I'll reward you 25 gold for each gopher pelt you bring me, from gophers in my crop, buckaroo. then you will need to follow the instructions for Dell's Farm: Gopher Hunt.

    Getting flowers from the island.

    First you will need to head to A small hill which is to the south west of A corn field. You should also make sure you are either unencumbered (preferably) or at worst lightly encumbered (You can check your inventory on the first line to check this). There are also some A fierce looking alligator in this area which are very dangerous and will almost certainly kill you if you end up in the same room as them for very long. They can appear in A shallow wading pool and also in the rooms where you are swimming (A natural spring

    do 3s,2swim e,2e,n,sw,w

    You should now be in A secluded island.

    do get flower,nw,get flower,n,get flower,e,get flower,n,get flower,ne,get flower,e,get flower,e,get flower,se,get flower,s,get flower,e,get flower,s,get flower,sw,get flower

    Hopefully you will have picked up a couple of flowers on this route. To get out.

    do w,nw,s,w,2swim w,w,3n

    This will bring you back to A small hill

    Giving the flowers to the farmer

    You will now need to head back to the farmer in A corn field, when you have done that.

    give flower to farmer

    You can hand in multiple flowers for 25 gold each, however only the first flower will give a quest point.

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