Getting into Esgaroth

(This does not award a quest point.)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Get into Esgaroth (Laketown).

  • Start at the Esgaroth Signpost.

  • Find a way into the city of Esgaroth.

  • There are several ways of getting into Esgaroth. The first is the simplest. When Esgaroth: Assassination has been done recently, the gates are open and you can simply do the following.


    If the gates are closed, then you have two other options. You can either boat in (there is often a boat closeby), or you can climb over the gates.

    If you want to climb over the gates, then you should do the following.

    do e,climb over gates

    Now one of two things will happen. Either you will fall into the water, or you will manage to climb over.

    If you manage to climb over the gates, you will see Gathering all your strength, you climb over the gates. and you will now be inside Esgaroth.

    If you fall, you will see A nagging voice tells you... there just has to be a better way to enter the city... and you will start to swim. In order to get into Esgaroth.

    swim e

    If you decide to get a boat, then start at the signpost with your boat and do the following.

    do board boat,launch se,laketown,5w,n,land ne,disembark

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