Esgaroth: Assassination (tracked)

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    Help an assassination plot in Esgaroth.

  • The shadow sword (Unique) or A 'man-catcher' pole-arm (Semi Unique) or A blued dagger.

  • After Getting inside Esgaroth.

    do s,3e,n

  • Find a way to ingratiate yourself with the assassins, then accompany them to kill the master of Esgaroth

  • A 'man-catcher' pole-arm is a powerful weapon versus mounted opponents. When you hit your opponent hard enough he will be thrown from his mount.

    A blued dagger is another powerful object. If you throw it at your opponent then you have a good chance of poisoning them.

    throw blued dagger at <opponent>

    The shadow sword is a very powerful weapon which increases in power the lower a characters alignment is. The relevant power levels (in increasing order) are.

    The shadow sword (shimmering faintly)

    The shadow sword (sparking with magic!

    The shadow sword (encased in a pulsating aura!)

    The shadow sword (enveloped in black lightning!)

    The more immoral a character the more powerful extra hits the sword will produce.

  • First we need to get rid of some guards who will block our entry later on. There are two ways to do this. The easiest is to kill them.

    do s,2w,n,w,kill guard

    When both The council chamber guard stands stiffly at attention are dead head back to the quest start.

    do e,s,2e,n

    The other way of getting rid of the guards (if you do not want to kill them) is to start a fire in the city (You will something on fire in order to do this. I will assume that you do not have anything like a torch or a brand on you and buy something in this do command which will allow you to start a fire. If you do have a fire simply omit buying a fire arrow). This method will give you 10 minutes to kill the master.

    do search explosives crate,s,2w,6n,e,n,order torched arrow,s,4e,n,drench drapes with oil,drop jug,light arrow,torch drapes,s,w,6s,3w,n

    Now we are ready to collect the assassins.


    Now you will get a short scene where the assassins (quite loudly) discuss between themselves. In the process they will give away the password they are expecting Almost shouting out loud, the gruff voice screams out: <password>. 'There, I hope you're happy.' There is another slap.. It will be one of the following.

    The Dark Lord's Teeth

    The Dark Lord's Eye

    The Dark Lord's Knees

    The Dark Lord's Might

    The Dark Lord's Breath

    The Dark Lord's Mercy

    The Dark Lord's Glory

    You can either listen (which will prevent anyone else from going into the room) and go in after learning the password.

    do back,say <password>

    If you did not listen then you can simply say all of the passwords.

    do back,say The Dark Lord's Teeth,say The Dark Lord's Eye,say The Dark Lord's Knees,say The Dark Lord's Might,say The Dark Lord's Breath,say The Dark Lord's Mercy,say The Dark Lord's Glory

    After this, you will be accepted by Jureka, the commanding assassin and Galor, the sly assassin although they will not protect you. Now we need to go to the master and assassinate him.

    do s,2w,n,2w

    In this room you will find The Master of Laketown, A relaxed councilmember calmly ponders the situation, A loud and pompous councilmember drones on and A bored councilmember paces about.

    As soon as you enter 3 The council chamber guard defends his master! will run into the room and attack you.

    You (with the help of your two assassins) now need to kill the Master by any means you can (Once The Master of Laketown dies you are taken away from this room and the quest is complete).

    If you run low on health during the fight, you can escape (but will not be allowed to return) by doing the following.


    This will save your life, but fail the quest.

    When the master is dead, you will be taken back to the warehouse and given your reward.

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