Getting into the Pelargir thieves den

(This does not award a quest point.)

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    Get access to the thieves den in Pelargir.

  • From Pelargir signpost.

    do 2sw,4w,2s,se,e,se,7e,3s,2e

  • Find out the password from the thug in the street somehow, then find the hidden entrance to the den and use the password to get inside,

  • There are two ways to get the password for the den.

    You can bribe the thug here to tell you the password for 250 gold, however there is a chance he will not tell you the correct password.

    bribe thug

    You will then see.You cautiously approach the thug. Thug ponders something. Thug whispers to you: Ok, ya never heard this from me. The password is <password>. As you reach into your pockets to provide the payment, you realize the thug already took care of it himself..

    If you do not want to pay, or you do not want to risk being given the wrong password, you can kill the thug.

    kill thug

    When A dirty thug watches you is dead.

    do search corpse,look paper

    A crumpled piece of paper will read This is a small, crumpled piece of paper. There are several dirty fingerprints all over both sides of the note. All that you can see written in it is one word, drawn with some extremely ugly handwriting: <password>..

    Once you have the password (It only changes every few hours).

    do examine debris,climb ladder,whisper <password> to figure

    You will see Figure nods at you. Figure says to you: Ye can pass. Figure knocks on the east door. then a few seconds later you will be moved into A dimly-lit corridor with a message of The hatch on the iron door opens slightly for a second, followed by the door itself. Before you can react, the dark figure pushes you through the narrow opening!. You are now inside the den.

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