Esgaroth: Defeating Assassins (tracked)

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    Prevent an assassination plot in Esgaroth

  • The dragontooth axe (Unique) or The 'swordbreaker' dagger (Semi Unique) or A deadly smallsword.

  • After Getting inside Esgaroth.

    do s,3e,n

  • Defeat the assassins hiding in the warehouse. Take the letter they are carrying to DeVac

  • The The dragontooth axe will always be rewarded if it is in. The axe is not particularly powerful, however each time you kill a medium level monster or higher with it it will become more covered in blood and increase in power until it becomes quite a formidable weapon. The various stages are.

    The dragontooth axe {stained with blood}

    The dragontooth axe {encasing a vein of blood}

    The dragontooth axe {drenched with blood}

    The dragontooth axe {covered in carnage}

    The dragontooth axe {pulsing with a bloodthirsty glow}

    The dragontooth axe {throbbing with a dragon's vengeance!}

    However, if you kill any snake or dragon type monster with it the tooth will break and the axe will br broken.

    The 'swordbreaker' dagger is a special weapon which if you hit and opponent who is wielding a sword hard enough, will disarm them. In fact, if you hit extremely hard (a critical hit) then the dagger will break the opponents weapon.

  • do back,kill jureka

    When Jureka, the commanding assassin is dead Galor, the sly assassin will take A letter from his corpse, so you will have to kill both of them. When they are both dead.

    do out,s,3e,6n,w,n

    DeVac, the Captain of the Guard will now give you your reward.

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