Barad-dur: Gimlibar's Tea (tracked)

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    Prepare tea for Prince Gimlibar.

  • A black ruby shield and An iridescent black cloak and 100 gold.

  • From Inside Mordor.

    do 2s,se,s,se,s,se,2s,se,4e,se,5e,se,s,se,s,36e,4s

  • Find the person who makes the tea for Prince Gimlibar, help him out and give the tea to the prince.

  • There are a limited number of An iridescent black cloak in the game at any one time. If there are too many, then you will only get the A black ruby shield.

    The An iridescent black cloak will automatically disguise you as Shadowspawn whilst you wear it.

  • do enter,sw,s,se,s,se,ask herbalist about help,nw,e,ne,move crates

    This will reveal A steel key chained to the chest.

    do get chained key,unlock chest with chained key,drop key,open chest

    You now have a choice, you can either get the A jar of bilberries like you were asked to, or you can get A jar of baneberries. Both will allow you to complete the quests, however the baneberries will kill Prince Gimlibar. Get the appropriate jar from the chest, I will assume here you're going to do the quest as asked.

    do get bilberries from chest,sw,w,se,give bilberries to herbalist

    The An old herbalist will give you A cup of herbal tea.

    do nw,n,nw,sw,w,n,w,tent,give tea to prince

    Now, if you collected the A jar of bilberries, then Prince Gimlibar will reward you and ask you to leave his camp. If you collected the A jar of baneberries, then he will die, and you can take the items from his corpse. Inside the An iridescent black cloak you will find 100 gold.

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