Pelt for Wandering Man

(This does not award a quest point.)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Find a pelt for the wandering man

  • A mail shirt or 100-150 gold.

  • From Inside Mordor.

    do 2s,se,s,se,s,se,2s,se,4e,se,5e,se,s,se,s,36e,4s

  • Locate the pelt that the wandering man wants.

  • do enter,sw,s,se,s,e,n,move crates,get pelt

    The A wandering man will be in one of the rooms close to here. Once you find him.

    give pelt to man

    He will reward you with a key. The next directions are from where you found the pelt, A storage tent.

    do s,w,n,nw,2s,2sw,unlock chest with small black key,get all from chest

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