Getting inside the Barad-Dur dunedain camp

(This does not award a quest point.)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Get inside the dunedain camp in the Barad-Dur courtyard.

  • A light grey cloak.

  • From Inside Mordor.

    do 2s,se,s,se,s,se,2s,se,4e,se,5e,se,s,se,s,36e,4s

  • Find some way to disguise yourself as a member of the camp.

  • Characters who serve Sauron (Evil Race and Serving Free Race) do not require the cloak to get past the guards in the camp.

  • do sw,se,move mat,move boxes,push piles,dig through pile,get cloak,wear cloak

    This cloak will allow you to move through the camp freely. However if you go back to the room the entrance to a small camp the cloak will be taken from you and you will have to kill the guards in the camp to pass them.

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