Gundabad: Pearl Carapace (tracked)

Quest Info

Recommended Level
  • Description

    Find the carapace of a tentacled monster.

  • A finely-shaped pearl carapace and A talisman axe.

  • After Getting inside Gundabad do the following.

    do nw,fissure,nw,d,n,nw,n,w

  • Find some way into a secret cavern, follow it to find a flooded room. Kill the tentacle lurking there and wait until the corpse rots to find your carapace.

  • If you go below 10 health or 10 endurance there is some salvation, you will automatically escape to a small ledge where you can recover, however this can only happen once per quest. Once you have recovered, you can return from the ledge by doing the following.

    swim n

    As you cannot pick up the A finely-shaped pearl carapace directly, it would be wise not to wear armour which covers your waist or chest into the quest unless you are willing to drop and lose it.

  • do move statue,get dagger

    This will give you A small rusty dagger.

    do pry jewel,drop dagger,kill orc

    Kill the A monstrous orc and take A brilliant jewel from his corpse.

    do get jewel from corpse,2n,e

    Once you complete the next command you will be trapped inside, so make sure you have healed and are not too encumbered (as you are going to have to swim).

    do place jewel,d

    Now, you are going to need to swim for a long period during the next part, so make sure you are not encumbered and you have plenty of endurance. If you want something to restore endurance whilst doing this quest, many people use the reward from Gundabad: Vial of Vigour, though this means you have to use a one handed weapon.

    do pull stick,swim n,kill tentacle

    Once the A long, slimy tentacle is dead, you will have to wait until the corpse rots, which will leave A finely-shaped pearl carapace on the ground for you to collect, however as you are swimming you cannot simply take it.

    do wear carapace,2swim s,search racks

    You are now no longer swimming.

    do search puddle,climb

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